Dissipation in ultrahigh quality factor SiN membrane resonators

Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 127201 (2014).

S. Chakram, Y. S. Patil, L. Chang, M. Vengalattore.


We study the optomechanical properties of stoichiometric SiN resonators through a combination of spectroscopic and interferometric imaging techniques. At room temperature, we demonstrate ultrahigh quality factors of 5×107 and a f×Q product of 1×1014 Hz that, to our knowledge, correspond to the largest values yet reported for mesoscopic flexural resonators. Through a comprehensive study of the limiting dissipation mechanisms as a function of resonator and substrate geometry, we identify radiation loss through the supporting substrate as the dominant loss process. In addition to pointing the way towards higher quality factors through optimized substrate designs, our work realizes an enabling platform for the observation and control of quantum behavior in a macroscopic mechanical system coupled to a room temperature bath.

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Dissipation in ultrahigh quality factor SiN membrane resonators- advances in engineering