Experimental determination of the isothermal (vapour + liquid) equilibria of binary aqueous solutions of sec-butylamine and cyclohexylamine at several temperatures

Nouria Chiali-Baba Ahmed, Latifa Negadi, Ilham Mokbel, Ahmed Ait Kaci, Jacques Jose
The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, Volume 44, Issue 1, January 2012


The vapour pressures of (sec-butylamine + water), (cyclohexylamine + water) binary mixtures, and of pure sec-butylamine and cyclohexylamine components were measured by means of two static devices at temperatures between 293 (or 273) K and 363 K. The data were correlated with the Antoine equation. From these data, excess Gibbs functions (GE) were calculated for several constant temperatures and fitted to a fourth-order Redlich–Kister equation using the Barker’s method. The (cyclohexylamine + water) system shows positive azeotropic behaviour for all investigated temperatures. The two binary mixtures exhibit positive deviations in GE for all investigated temperatures over the whole composition range.

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