Dr. Siddha Pimputkar

About The Author

Dr. Siddha Pimputkar is a post-doctoral researcher at UCSB in the Materials Department and is part of the Solid State Lighting and Energy Electronics Center (SSLEEC). He currently oversees the bulk GaN group research efforts and has been researching bulk, single crystal growth of GaN since 2007. He received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Illinois Tech and his Ph.D. in Materials from UCSB while being advised by Nobel Laureate Professor Shuji Nakamura and Prof. Jim Speck. During his Ph.D., he built the lab necessary to safely operate multiple high temperature and high pressure vessels filled with toxic, pyrophoric and explosive materials needed to grow GaN and demonstrated the highest reported growth rates for GaN grown using the basic ammonothermal method. His current research interests include explaining various observed phenomena during ammonothermal growth of GaN and investigating alternative bulk GaN growth methods including the Na-flux method. He was awarded both the prestigious NSF Graduate Student Fellowship and the DHS Graduate Student Fellowship, has published 8 peer-reviewed papers, 1 book, been invited to speak at 9 conferences, and is a holder of 3 US patents while having 24 patent applications pending.

Advances in Engineering featured article: Decomposition of supercritical ammonia and modeling of supercritical ammonia–nitrogen–hydrogen solutions with applicability toward ammonothermal conditions