Prof. Denis Spitzer

About The Author

Denis Spitzer (Dr. Habil. Ing.) is a confirmed scientist and the founding-director of the NS3E laboratory (Nanomatériaux pour les Systèmes Sous Solicitations Extrêmes). He received his PhD. in chemistry from the University Louis Pasteur of Strasbourg in 1993. His main research activity is the continuous nanocrystallization of explosives and pharmaceuticals. He patented several processes, the investigation of ultra-sensitive explosive detection systems, and imaging of energetic materials with high resolution microscopy (STM and AFM). He is author of more than a hundred publications within peer-reviewed journals and technical reports. Moreover, he is author of 15 patents and more than 50 abstracts presented on national and international conferences. In 2013 he obtained the first price of “Strategic Thinking” on bio-inspired explosive detection, that he received from the former French Minister of Interior, Manuel Valls. For his main results on nanocrystallization, synthesis by detonation and also detection studies he recently (2015) received the “Grand Prix Lazare Carnot” from the French “Académie des Sciences”.

Advances in Engineering featured article: Continuous Crystallization of ZnO Nanoparticles by Spray Flash Evaporation versus Batch Synthesis