Noise dampening motor drive system for retractable covering for architectural openings

Publication number           US20130068404 A1

Application number           13/675,539

Publication date     Mar 21, 2013

Filing date    Nov 13, 2012

Inventors      Kenneth M. Faller,  Ronald Holt,  Stephen T. Wisecup

Applicant      Hunter Douglas Inc.



A motor-drive system for retractable covering having a headrail with a horizontally disposed roller supporting a top edge of a flexible fabric material includes an electric motor mounted within a housing and interconnected to the roller to selectively rotate the roller in opposite directions while minimizing noise created from vibrations within the system. This system includes motor mounts within the housing which separate and absorb vibrations of the motor within the housing and a drive disk of a moderately soft material, which is firm enough to transfer torque from the motor to the roller while being soft enough to absorb vibrations which would otherwise be transmitted from the motor to the roller. An interconnect mounting the drive disk to the drive shaft of the motor is also made of a third relatively soft material, which is harder than the drive disk to more ably transmit torque but soft enough so as not to unduly transmit noise.


What is claimed is:

1. A covering for an architectural opening comprising:

an elongated hollow headrail;

an elongated roll bar rotatably supported within said headrail;

a flexible shade material having an upper edge secured to said roll bar and being selectively wrapped about or unwrapped from said roll bar upon rotation of said roll bar;

a drive system having an axially aligned drive shaft with a coupler operatively connected thereto adapted for driving engagement with said roll bar;

a first cylindrical support axially aligned with said drive system including a first resilient member and a second rigid member at least partially received within said first resilient member, said first cylindrical support being of larger diameter than said drive system;

a housing having a first and second components arranged to surround said drive system and said first cylindrical support, said housing having an inner cylindrical surface corresponding in diameter to the diameter of said first cylindrical support;

a control module stationarily positioned inside said housing and operably associated with the drive system to selectively control the extension or retraction of the shade; and

at least one fastener extending through a portion of the housing and adjacent said control module;

wherein said first resilient member has a durometer rating less than that of said drive system; and

said first cylindrical support is substantially prevented from rotating relative to said drive system.

2. The covering of claim 1, wherein:

the fastener secures at least in part the first housing portion to the second housing portion.

3. The covering of claim 1, wherein:

the housing is enclosed by a sleeve, said sleeve providing a static electricity barrier.

4. The covering of claim 1, wherein:

static electricity is built up from operation of the drive system and responsive movement of the shade material; and

a static electricity barrier is positioned relative to the housing to provide a static electricity barrier for the operation of the motor.

5. The covering of claim 4, wherein the static electricity barrier is a sleeve positioned around the housing.

6. The covering of claim 5, wherein the sleeve is shrunk fit around the housing.

7. The covering of claim 4, wherein a fastener is positioned through one of the first or second components of the housing, adjacent the control module, and received by the other of the first or second portions of the housing to partially secure the housing components together.

8. The covering of claim 7, wherein said fastener is a screw.

9. The covering of claim 8, wherein:

the first and second housing components each define in part a portion of an elongated hollow cylinder and when positioned together substantially form a cylinder defining at least one line of connection extending along at least a portion of the length of the cylinder; and

said fastener is positioned along said cylinder to engage both of said first and second housing components adjacent said line of connection.

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