Peculiar Switchable Out-of-Plane Electronic Polarization in 2D material


Ultrathin films are simply films grown using complex chemical and physically deposition techniques that are used in a variety of technologically advanced applications and measure less than 50 nanometers. To date, controlling electric dipoles in the ultrathin films has remained a key challenge due to the finite screening length of surface charges. This shortcoming can be attributed to the depolarization field, which tends to become more important as the ferroelectric film thickness is reduced. In a recent publication, a novel covalent-polar semiconductors have been reported by developing from a physical understanding of 3D hyperferroelectric. It shows an intrinsic 2D vertical polarization, consequently presenting new device opportunities. In fact, the aforementioned materials differ from ordinary ferroelectrics in that they are able to maintain polarization normal to a surface even with an unscreened depolarization field. Usually, these derivatives 2D material with broken mir