Prof. Dr. Roger Gläser

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Roger Gläser received his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from the University of Stuttgart in 1997. After a research stay at the School of Chemical Engineering of Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA, he returned to the University of Stuttgart and completed his habilitation in Chemical Technology in January 2007. Since 01.08.2007, he is a Full Professor for Chemical Technology, the Director of the Institute of Chemical Technology and the Scientific Director of the Institute of Nonclassical Chemistry e.V. at Universität Leipzig.

His research interests include the preparation and characterization of novel sorbents and catalysts with defined nanoporosity, supported noble-metal and photocatalysts as well as the utilization of alternative solvent systems in heterogeneous catalysis. Besides the aftertreatment of diesel off-gas by SCR-based technologies and the conversion of biomass to fuels and chemicals, photocatalysis and diffusion in heterogeneous catalysis also represent major fields of activity.

Advances in Engineering featured article: Influence of soot on ammonia adsorption and catalytic DeNOx-properties of diesel particulate filters coated with SCR-catalysts.

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