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Prof. Rudolf Zentel studied chemistry at the Johannes Gutenberg-University, Mainz (Germany) and received his PhD in 1983. During this time, he got introduced to the concept of polymers for pharmaceutical applications in the lab of Prof. Helmut Ringsdorf. After a postdoctoral stay in Freiburg (Germany) and research stays at the “IBM Almaden Research Center” in San Jose (USA, 1989-1990) and in Düsseldorf (1990-1992), he got his first professorship in Mainz in 1992. Central topics of his research are self-organizing systems, materials for optoelectronics and – recently again – well defined biocompatible polymers as nanocarriers for bioactive agents.

Advances in Engineering featured article: Liquid crystalline phases from polymer functionalized ferri-magnetic Fe3O4 nanorods 

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