A sensor array based on trigonal-selenium nanowires for the detection of gas mixtures

Significance Statement

The patent related this manuscript is registered with the Japan and U.S. Patent Office [1] and its patent for reduced power consumption (less than one micro-watt) is also applied to the Japan Patent Office [2].

[1] N. Akiyama, Gas sensor array, gas analysis method, and gas analysis system, Japan Patent no. 5,804,438 (2015), U.S. Patent Application 14-425560 (2015), based on International Application PCT/JP2013/073577.

[2] N. Akiyama, Gas sensor and gas sensor array, Japan Patent Application 2015-545269 (2016), based on International Application PCT/JP2014/78760.

A sensor array based on trigonal-selenium nanowires for the detection of gas mixtures. Advances in Engineering

Journal Reference
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volume 223, February 2016, Pages 131–137.

Norio Akiyama

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Okayama University of Science, Okayama 700-0005, Japan


A simple array-type gas sensor was fabricated using trigonal-selenium nanowires and its ability to detect volatile organic compounds was investigated. The time delays between sensor signals resulting from the varying diffusion velocities of gaseous organic compounds were assessed. The analysis of a model mixture of acetone and benzene was demonstrated. This sensor can operate at room temperature without any heating requirements and shows potential as a device of low power consumption and a low cost gas analysis system capable of differentiating the components of mixed gases.

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