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Methods for perforating graphene using an activated gas stream and perforated graphene produced therefrom

Publication number US20130249147 A1 Application number US 13/795,276 Publication date Sep 26, 2013 Filing date Mar 12, 2013 Inventors Peter V. Bedworth Original Assignee Lockheed Martin Corporation ABSTRACT Graphene sheets having a plurality of holes in their basal planes are described herein. Methods for making the graphene sheets can involve contacting graphene sheets with an activated gas that has contacted ... Read More »

Automatic vehicle exerior light control system assemblies

Publication number US20130235600 A1 Application number US 13/855,912 Publication date Sep 12, 2013 Filing date Apr 3, 2013 Inventors Jeremy A. Fogg, Gregory M. Ejsmont, Darin D. Tuttle, Joseph S. Stam Original Assignee Gentex Corporation ABSTRACT The present invention relates to various improvements relating to automatic vehicle equipment control systems. CLAIMS What is claimed is: 1. An automatic vehicle exterior ... Read More »

Thermal plate with planar thermal zones for semiconductor processing

Publication number US8587113 B2 Application number US 13/912,907 Publication date Nov 19, 2013 Filing date Jun 7, 2013 Inventors Keith William Gaff, Keith Comendant, Anthony Ricci Original Assignee Lam Research Corporation ABSTRACT A thermal plate for a substrate support assembly in a semiconductor plasma processing apparatus, includes multiple independently controllable planar thermal zones arranged in a scalable multiplexing layout, and ... Read More »

Polycrystalline diamond materials having improved abrasion resistance, thermal stability and impact resistance

Publication number           US20130067827 A1 Application number           13/676,070 Publication date                    Mar 21, 2013 Filing date                                  Nov 13, 2012 Inventors          Madapusi K. Keshavan, Youhe Zhang, Yuelin Shen, Anthony Griffo, Michael Janssen Applicant    ... Read More »