A review of studies on corrosion of metals and alloys in deep-sea environment

Significance statement

 This review is intended to give a brief but exhaustive outline of the limited number of public available documents about in situ deep-sea studies on corrosion of metals and alloys. Such scarce documents concern a variety of experimental locations, material deployed, depth and period of immersion, and they provide heterogeneous information. Nevertheless, the authors identify some main issues. Concentration of dissolved oxygen in sea water, low sea water temperature and microbial communities are recognized to exert a major influence on deep-sea corrosion of metals and alloys. And, in order to prevent corrosion, cathodic protection and epoxy coating systems are effective in deep-sea environment.



Figure legend: A specimen cage for deep-sea corrosion experiments (picture by Dr Stefania Sparnocchia within the KM3NeT study).

A review of studies on corrosion of metals and alloys in deep-sea environment. Advances in Engineering












Journal Reference

Ocean Engineering, Volume 87,  2014, Pages 10-15. Pierluigi Traverso, Elisa Canepa.

National Research Council of Italy – Institute of Marine Sciences (CNR-ISMAR), Via De Marini 6, I-16149 Genoa, Italy


The interest in deep-sea environment is increasing both in the scientific and business community. In order to meet deep-sea challenges great performances for structure materials are requested, but in situ studies are difficult to be executed due to high experimental cost and technical problems. Indeed, they are quite uncommon in the available literature compared with the amount of research in shallow sea water. This paper reviews the scarce available literature about deep-sea environment studies on corrosion of metals and alloys, some outlines of investigations on sunk objects are given.

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