Applied Research on the Eco-Bags Structure for the Riverside collapse Slope in Seasonal Frozen Soil Zone

Zheng Duo, Zhou Jiyuan, Yang Jinliang, Zhu Zhenxue
Procedia Engineering, Volume 28, 2012


The technology of eco-bag slope is widely used as the soft structure in the slope protection system because of its characteristic of structure and plants cover. In this paper, the practical application effect of the technology of applying the eco-bags to deal with the reservoir collapsed bank slope has been introduced through the practical engineering cases and experimental data. The results show that, by using reasonable structure and eco-bag filling materials, the eco-bags not only can be used as a general bank slope protection structures to play the role of soil conservation and vegetation-friendly performance as well as to achieve the purpose of barren slope restoration ecology effectively but also can be used to protect the steep and collapse bank slope of reservoirs. The results also indicated that the eco-bag bank slope can achieve good anti-erosion, anti-frost performance and vegetation-friendly in seasonal frozen soil zone for ecological hydraulic projects.

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