Characterization of self-compacting concretes prepared with different fibers and mineral additions

Valeria Corinaldesi, Giacomo Moriconi
Cement and Concrete Composites, Volume 33, Issue 5, May 2011


In this work, several self-compacting concretes were prepared by using three different types of fibers made of steel, poly-vinyl-alcohol (PVA) and high toughness poly-propylene (PPHT) and two different types of mineral addition (limestone powder and powder from recycled concrete). The water to cement ratio was held constant at 0.40. Fresh concrete behavior was evaluated by means of slump flow, V-funnel and L-box tests while the hardened concrete behavior was evaluated by means of flexure and compression tests, as well as free drying and restrained plastic shrinkage tests. Excellent performances were generally obtained, particularly for the self-compacting concretes prepared with steel fibers and powder from recycled concrete.

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