Design and suction cup analysis of a wall climbing robot

B. Bahr, Y. Li, M. Najafi
Mechanical Engineering Department, Wichita State University, Wichita, KS 67260, U.S.A., Received 13 December 1995; Available online 3 May 1999.


This paper describes the design, kineostatic and safety analysis of a two legged mobile robot that can climb from one surface to another surface by using suction cups. Three artificial constraint equations are derived to create the working Jacobin matrix, and then a progam is written to calculate the reaction and actuator force (moment), based on which, the most dangerous position of the robot is found. Also, we study the amount of the stress distribution on the deformable suction cup due to the exertion of the gravitational force, as well as load distribution of the robot.

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