High level synthesis of integrated heterogeneous pipelined processing elements for DSP applications

Ali Shatnawia, Jehad Ghanima, M.O. Ahmadb
Jordan University of Science and Technology, Received 27 April 2004, Available online 17 March 2005.


A technique for scheduling and processor allocation leading to the synthesis of integrated heterogeneous pipelined processing elements, implementing digital signal processing applications, is proposed. The proposed technique achieves efficient hardware implementations at the logic-level by minimizing the number of processing units used, without compromising the rate and delay optimality criteria.

The proposed algorithm is found to outperform algorithms resulting in homogeneous implementations, as it gives schedules with lower iteration periods, requires less hardware resources, and has lower time complexity at design time. In comparison with the already existing heterogeneous algorithms, the proposed algorithm produces schedules of lower time complexity and lower iteration period for some applications. The optimal performance of the proposed algorithm has been verified on several benchmarks.

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