jMetal: A Java framework for multi-objective optimization

Juan J. Durillo , Antonio J. Nebro
Advances in Engineering Software,Volume 42, Issue 10, October 2011


This paper describes jMetal, an object-oriented Java-based framework aimed at the development, experimentation, and study of metaheuristics for solving multi-objective optimization problems. jMetal includes a number of classic and modern state-of-the-art optimizers, a wide set of benchmark problems, and a set of well-known quality indicators to assess the performance of the algorithms. The framework also provides support to carry out full experimental studies, which can be configured and executed by using jMetal’s graphical interface. Other features include the automatic generation of statistical information of the obtained results, and taking advantage of the current availability of multi-core processors to speed-up the running time of the experiments. In this work, we include two case studies to illustrate the use of jMetal in both solving a problem with a metaheuristic and designing and performing an experimental study.

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