Modeling and Simulation of Direct Torque Control Induction Motor Drives via Constant Volt/Hertz Technique

Narongrit Pimkumwong, Amorn Onkrong, Tirasak Sapaklom
Procedia Engineering, Volume 31, 2012


Direct torque control based constant Volt/Hertz technique was the effortless speed control method for the three phase induction motor drives. This method used the stator flux and torque error to generate the stator voltage and frequency reference for controlling the induction motor. The complications of the stator voltage reference calculations were reduced by neglect the stator flux angle and the optimum switching table which were used in the classical direct torque control method. To verify the concept of this control technique, this paper presented its modeling and simulation. The mathematical model which consist of three parts, the three phase induction motor model, the space vector modulation inverter model and the magnitude of the stator flux and torque model, were derived. The overall speed control system was modeled and simulated in MATLAB/Simulink. The simulation results under no load as well as full load identified the obvious validity of the proposed method and its ability could use for three phase induction motor speed control in practice.

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