The Young-Feynman two-slits experiment with single electrons: Build-up of the interference pattern and arrival-time distribution using a fast-readout pixel detector

Stefano Frabboni, Alessandro Gabrielli, Gian Carlo Gazzadi, Filippo Giorgi, Giorgio Matteucci, Giulio Pozzi, Nicola Semprini Cesari, Mauro Villa, Antonio Zoccoli
Ultramicroscopy, Volume 116, May 2012


The two-slits experiment for single electrons has been carried out by inserting in a conventional transmission electron microscope a thick sample with two nano-slits fabricated by Focused Ion Beam technique and a fast recording system able to measure the electron arrival-time. The detector, designed for experiments in future colliders, is based on a custom CMOS chip equipped with a fast readout chain able to manage up to 106frames per second. In this way, high statistic samples of single electron events can be collected within a time interval short enough to measure the distribution of the electron arrival-times and to observe the build-up of the interference pattern.

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