Versatile multifunction universal voltage-mode biquadratic filter

Hua-Pin Chen
Department of Electronic Engineering and Institute of Electronic Engineering, Ming Chi University of Technology, Taipei 24301, Taiwan, ROC Received 15 January 2008; Accepted 27 July 2009. Available online 26 August 2009.


A new versatile multifunction universal biquadratic filter with four inputs and four outputs employing one differential difference current conveyor, one full differential current conveyor, two grounded capacitors and two grounded resistors is proposed. The proposed configuration can be used as either three-input single-output voltage-mode universal filter with high-input and low-output impedance or single-input four-output voltage-mode multifunction filter with high-input impedance. It still maintains the following advantages: (i) the employment of only two current conveyors, (ii) the employment of only grounded capacitors, (iii) the employment of only grounded resistors, (iv) no need to employ inverting type input signals, (v) no need to impose component choice conditions to realize specific filtering functions and (vi) low active and passive sensitivity performances.

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