Voltage-mode universal biquadratic filters with one input and five outputs using MOCCIIs

Jiun-Wei Hornga, Chun-Li Houa, Chun-Ming Changb, Wen-Yaw Chunga, Hung-Yu Weia
Department of Electronic Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University, Chung-Li 32023, Taiwan, Received 14 September 2004; revised 26 February 2005; Accepted 2 March 2005. Available online 15 June 2005.


Two new voltage-mode universal biquadratic filters each with one input terminal and five output terminals are presented. The first proposed circuit uses three multiple output second-generation current conveyors (MOCCIIs), two grounded capacitors and six resistors. The second proposed circuit employs four MOCCIIs, two grounded capacitors and seven resistors. Each of the proposed circuits can realize all the standard filter functions; highpass, bandpass, lowpass, notch and allpass, simultaneously, without changing the passive elements. The proposed circuits enjoy the features of orthogonal controllable of resonance angular frequencies and quality factors, using only grounded capacitors as well as low active and passive sensitivities.


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