Beneficial effect of carbon on hydrogen desorption kinetics from Mg–Ni–In alloy

Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Volume 546, 5 January 2013, Pages 129-137.
J. Cermak, L. Kral


Institute of Physics of Materials, v.v.i., AS CR, CEITEC IPM, Zizkova 22, CZ-61662 Brno, Czech Republic

Institute of Physics of Materials, v.v.i., AS CR, Zizkova 22, CZ-61662 Brno, Czech Republic





In the present paper, hydrogen desorption kinetics from hydrided Mg–Ni–In–C alloys was investigated. A chemical composition that substantially accelerates hydrogen desorption was found. It was observed that carbon improves the hydrogen desorption kinetics significantly. Its beneficial effect was found to be optimum close to the carbon concentration of about cC ≅ 5 wt.%. With this composition, stored hydrogen can be desorbed readily at temperatures down to about 485 K, immediately after hydrogen charging. This can substantially shorten the hydrogen charging/discharging cycle of storage tanks using Mg–Ni-based alloys as hydrogen storage medium. For higher carbon concentrations, unwanted phases precipitated, likely resulting in deceleration of hydrogen desorption and lower hydrogen storage capacity.



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