Some recent advances in nanostructure preparation from gold and silver particles: a short topical review

Mathias Brust, Christopher J Kiely
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects Volume 202, Issues 2-3, 9 April 2002, Pages 175-186


Recent developments in nanostructure self-assembly from gold and silver particles are reviewed. A brief historical background of the field is given, followed by a selection of topics which are of particular current interest. An overview of the preparation of thiol-stabilised gold and silver nanoparticles and their spontaneous self-organisation into well-ordered superlattices is presented. Distance-dependent metal insulator transitions in ensembles of nanoparticles are discussed, along with a previously unpublished measurement of optical properties of dithiol-linked thin films of gold nanoparticles. Recent approaches to more complex nano-architectures are reviewed, including the use of various templates and of DNA base pair recognition. Some aspects of nanoscopic surface chemistry of gold particles including the evolution of molecular recognition sites are reviewed. Current and potential future applications are discussed.

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